Learn2Av8 Learn To Aviate - Pilot Training

So you want to learn to fly but don't know where to start?

Why not start with all the ground school training materials you need, in an industry standard syllabus format, with all the necessary FAA reference books all wrapped up and delivered to you as a stand-alone iPad/iPhone application, with web portal access too, so you can also learn using your PC or Mac desktop when you're not on the go!

Learn to fly anywhere, anytime!

Get started right away on your ground school requirements, no other books or manuals to purchase!  We can also refer you to a top notch participating flight school in your area - The courses are valid for flight instruction in any area of the US.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Save expense and get a head start on learning: Complete your ground school requirement on your mobile device or online from your desktop before you travel and reduce your expensive time away from home.  Arrive at your flight school in the US fully prepared for efficient learning, and ready to take the ground exam! 

IMPORTANT:Ask us for a FREE referral to an approved flight school if you want your training to count toward your license.  You can learn  the material on your own, but the Learn2AV8 course must be assigned to a qualified flight school in order to be used as valid ground school time toward your license.